Want PR? Let us do the hard part.

Most people know the value of PR, but not everyone knows how to formulate a public relations strategy to achieve the results they want. What’s the best place to start? What areas should you focus on promoting, and to whom? Maybe you’ve even hired PR teams in the past that haven’t fulfilled your expectations and you’re not sure where to turn next.

Here’s the good news:

The solution is easier than you think.

Here at Wasabi Publicity, we know that there are no accidents; there is a reason that you found us. You have something important to share with the world, and we want to help you do that. If fact, we even want to do the hard part for you, because that is the part we love!

Breaking Through

We’ve all had that experience of sitting in front of a blank page on a screen, frozen. You just don’t know where to start or what to say. It’s different when we’re faced with an impromptu personal interaction where we’re put on the spot and it’s “go time.” Say you find yourself on an elevator with Oprah. If you’re like most people, you would at least have an idea about what you’d like to say. The scenario gets a little trickier though if we begin to examine the interaction from the perspective of what Oprah would want to hear.

That’s the perspective that would determine your success, and that’s what we can help you with.

In order to be successful in a given business, you need to know what your market wants. Well, the same is true with PR. In order to be successful, you need to know what your target market—the media—wants. You need to discern what’s important to them, what kinds of topics they love, how they like to connect.

Tell the story your audience wants to hear.


Honing Your Efforts

It all boils down to sorting out what it is that the media would want from what you have to offer. This is the most important piece of any PR campaign. If you miss this crucial element, one of two things can happen: 1) You won’t get any response from the media, or 2) you get media coverage that doesn’t really make a difference. Both of these less-than-ideal results are frustrating! This is where having an outside perspective is so important.

Let’s be honest: We all think that our “baby” is the cutest. But it’s often this kind of thinking that leaves people stuck in a rut. They keeping trying and trying to convince the media that their baby is the cutest, and they waste so much energy doing so that they miss the fundamental truth that is right there under their nose.

Tweaking your message away from your old approach and towards highlighting what the media finds most important is a real game changer.

Investing In Experience

You don’t want just anybody pulling suggestions out of thin air to help you achieve your goals. You need a team who knows exactly what the media wants, with years of experience and a laundry list of amazing success stories to back them up. Wasabi Publicity’s publicists, writers, and researchers are among the most highly trained professionals in the field, including team members whose background includes being on the receiving end of our services as part of the professional media. Suffice it to say, we have a truly unique perspective, and we bring our powerhouse of experience and our joy for the craft to the fore when we go to bat for you.

Knowing Your Audience

devicesDoing PR without a press kit is like trying to do business without a website. Sure, it’s possible, but why struggle against the natural flow? In the crowded PR universe, there are thousands upon thousands who are clamoring for a few prime placements at any given time. With those kinds of odds at play, it only makes sense to use every tool possible to get and hold the media’s attention.

A press kit is your chance to put your best foot forward to “wow” the media.

And to make the PR process easier for you.

Your press kit will put you front and center when the media is looking for worthy subject matter. And when they find you, you’ve put your best foot forward by providing them with everything they need right at their fingertips.

Getting Noticed

They say that first impressions are everything, and when you are one of thousands of pitches, who do you think the media will choose: the person they need to hunt down to get the information they need, or the person that gives them everything they need and makes their job easier? Which would you choose? Since close to 99% of media professionals prefer online press kits, this advantage alone often results in media placements.

Of course none of this makes any difference if the media can’t find your press kit. They need to see it! We recently sent out a survey to 30,000 media professionals in our database, and even we were shocked by the results. We have many tricks up our sleeve for getting our clients in front of the media, but we were shocked to discover how many media professionals rely on Google to find their sources.

Our survey revealed that it is truer now than ever that a strong Internet presence is the key to landing media placements, and you can count on Wasabi Publicity to deliver. We’ve developed a sophisticated online program, called Online PressKit 24/7®, using the latest web technology to boost the presence and effectiveness of our clients’ press kits. Constructed on a purposefully built, media-friendly technology, your online press kit will house all your materials in such a way that they can be quickly and easily accessed or updated by anyone on our team. This allows us to adapt your kit to respond to breaking news and trending media conversations within minutes.

We are told by the best in PR and news that our online press kit technology is unlike anything else out there.

And we’re using it to your advantage.

We craft the language and presentation of your press kit to appeal directly to the media, while also optimizing it to be more easily found my Internet search engines. Once your press kit is live, it also automatically feeds into www.SearchPressKits.com, and expert database that U.S. media peruse regularly for story ideas.

Seizing the Moment

PR should be done when you need it, and that means NOW! All too many people stick the support they need in the “someday” file. You’ll do PR when your book is published, when your product is launched, or… fill in the blank. The problem is, by the time you get around to doing PR, the opportunity for getting the media attention you need for your most important projects will be gone. Don’t be left wondering if PR would have made THE difference for you.

Give us a call today and let’s come up with a plan to get you the attention you deserve right here, right now.

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